The Scaly Mermaid

Located on a prime waterfront spot rests the one of the city’s most prominent dining spots and most expensive inn, The Scaly Mermaid. The Scaly Mermaid caters to the port’s wealthier clientele, particularly traveling merchants, rich nobles and visiting dignitaries, not being put up at the noble estates. Visitors come for the exquisite seafood cuisines, fine imported alcohols and refined atmosphere. Outside the Scaly Mermaid stands two eight foot white alabaster statues of a mermaid beautifully framing the doorway.


The Scaly Mermaid has been owned for generations by the Maenska family, of which the eldest sisters have taken to currently running the place, Elysia and Jenovia. Originally a warehouse, the Maenska family bought the property some 40 years ago, transforming it into the glorious inn it is now.

Elysia and Jenovia Maenska
The Maenska family has owned and operated the Scaly Mermaid for nearly 40 years. Elysia and Jenovia are the eldest daughters in the 3rd generation to own and operate the Inn. In total there are 7 children of Gloria and Jakov Maenska, 3 daughters and 4 sons. Only Elysia and Jenovia are old enough and took interest in running the Inn.

Elysia is the older of the two sisters currently operating the Scaly Mermaid. She is just over 5 feet in height with short curling auburn hair that she wears loose about her shoulders. Elysia is in her late twenties and has been working at the Scaly Mermaid since she was old enough to sweep the floors. She took a liking to the Inn at an early age as it was an easy way to spend more time with her mother Gloria. Elysia doted on her mother as a child and would follow her everywhere trying to emulate the hard work she put forth towards the Inn. Elysia has taken to caring for the Inn to represent her love for her mother and family.

The Scaly Mermaid

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